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Val Thorens

Val Thorens


Val Thorens

Take your holiday to greater heights at the highest altitude resort in Europe – Val Thorens. There is a sense of energy and youthfulness about Val Thorens. It is a place for new experiences, first times, and novel discoveries. Whether you’re young or just wanting to feel young again, Val Thorens is the destination for you. 

#Learn something new: 

* Try out one of the area’s many ski schools. Ecole de Ski Magic in Motion offers classes for groups up to six and is a great way to get your whole group out on the slopes. Prosneige is another ski school known for its excellent teachers. 

#Taste something different: 

* Enjoy fine dining at Restaurant Jean Sulpice. 

* You can even take a cooking course here during the summer to learn some of their house secrets. 

* Another tasty experience in Val Thorens is blueberry picking. 

* Blueberry bushes grow naturally all over the area during the summer. 

* Bushes can be found along the Balcon du Lou footpath, and visitors are welcome to freely collect the berries. 

#See something beautiful: 

* With the highest elevation of all Europe’s resorts, there are some brilliant views of the mountains. 

* You can see it all from the La Tyrolienne zip cord. 

* Soar for 1,300 metres at 2,230 metres high over the Val Thorens Crest and see the mountain peaks from a bird’s eye view. 

#Do something you’ve never done before: 

* While in Val Thorens you’ll have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see glaciers from below, rather than above.

*  If you’re looking to try something thrilling, consider ice diving! 

* With a professional diving instructor from ski school Evolution 2, you can take the plunge and see what it is like beneath the ice.

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